Use this form to calculate your potential annual cost savings.

Station Name City State
Distance to MEPS Enter distance from this recruiting station to the MEPS
Station Yearly MSN Enter total yearly mission for this station to include active and reserve
Applicant to Enlistment Ratio Enter the number of applicants that are processed at the MEPS to successfully enlist one person. If you enlist one for each processed applicant, then the ratio number entered would be one. Divide the number of enlisted into the number processed to acquire this number.ex: enlisted 6, processed 10, 10/6=1.66.
GSA Cost/Mile Enter the GSA charge for mileage for the type of vehicle used. ie. Subcompact - $.13 per mile.
Recruiter Cost/Hour This block will calculate the approximate cost to the government for applicant transportation performed by the recruiter. This is based on the approximate hourly wage of an E-6 with ten years of service. Base pay divided by 176 (the number of manhours per month based on eight hour work days) will be the hourly wage of the recruiter driver. Enter this number in the block or use the precalculated cost of 13 dollars per hour.
Accident Cost Enter the total yearly expense to repair or replace any vehicles assigned to this station which were involved in an accident while transporting applicants to the MEPS.
Postage Approximately half of all applicant packets are mailed through the postal system by overnight mail. Enter the cost to mail one overnight package to the MEPS Liason.
Shuttle Ticket Enter the cost of the shuttle ticket for this station. This information will reveal the calculation of shuttle cost based on a 75% ridership by station applicants. The other 25% is not used in the shuttle calculation as there are applicants who are not available for the scheduled pick up time and therefore have to be driven by recruiters. The Fare Calculator will take into consideration the recruiters time to transport to the MEPS.
Miscellaneous This block is used for any additional yearly cost to the station such as TDY.